Banner 8 Workflow

Banner Forms and Reports


Important note, when changing your passwords, please change the Banner password first.

Note: When you change your Banner Password, change your Universal Password. Likewise should you change your Universal Password, change your Banner Password. This will keep your drive mapping to your Banner Jobsubmit directory connected.

  • Bansecr accounts:
    • Change your non-Bansecr passwords first
    • Use sqlplus or SqlDeveloper to log into the appropriate database (WWIS, PPRD, WISP) as your bansecr account name using your old password
    • Issue the following command:
      Alter user bansecr_userid identified by “your new password”;     (the double-quotes and semi-colon at the end are required)
    • Press <return>
    • You should see a the following message: “User altered”