Western Data Governance


Data has always been a strategic university business asset. In the past few years, it has become apparent that Western requires a better data governance structure to deliver high-quality, appropriately secured, and well-positioned data to support campus-wide data-driven decision-making.


Support a strong culture of information literacy and campus-wide data-driven decision-making.



Creates the best possible environment to understand and govern Western’s data by identifying:




Western’s Data Governance Program is intended to create the best possible environment to support campus-wide data-driven decision-making. Together with different workgroups, this Committee seeks to identify data that currently exist in Banner, and other related systems (please see In scope section below), identify the responsibilities related to the ownership and management of that data, and assign accountability of those responsibilities to specific groups or individuals institution. This Committee keeps a University’s perspective, but also allows flexibility for divisions and areas. Data Governance is not a one-time initiative; it will require continuous improvement and maintenance of such a Committee. 

Western Data Governance Framework


Standardized Architecture & Integration

Create Standardized Architecture and Integration. Ensuring that we have common data definitions and that those definitions are made available across multiple platforms is essential to enabling data-driven decision-making. Data Governance supports decisions on data definitions and on the technical support required to manage, integrate, and disseminate those definitions.

Policies & Standards

Create Policies and Standards. The Committee will assign a work group and create structured accountability by defining roles and responsibilities, and by establishing decision rights relative to the recommendation and creation of policies, priorities, processes, and standards. The Program should also facilitate collaboration and education related to policies and standards.

Compliance & Security

Support Security and Compliance. The Committee will assign a work group and develop risk management strategies and will support standards for compliance with privacy, security, and record retention policies for different record types. The Committee will ensure that campus frameworks are aligned with Western, and federal policies in all of these areas.


Information Quality

Support Change Management Standards. Consistency and stability of the environment is a cornerstone to the success of all the goals within Western Data Governance. Best-practices change management processes will be created to ensure this consistency and stability.


Date Governance Relationship with Campus

Through the committee structure, communicate Data Governance progress & obtain feedback 


Data Governance Workgroups


Data Standard Workgroup

Privacy Workgroup