2020 May Update - API

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Programming Requests in Progress

Type Request No. Description Requesting Department Status
Project AW0010 AiM Time Tracking AiM to Banner FM In UAT
Operation BFR702 GLRVRBL Conversion Financial Aid In UAT
Operation BFR706 RWPQSAP Financial Aid In UAT
Operation BRA0919 DataT (Returning App header NEW) Admissions In UAT
Operation BRA0921 DataTransfer (Applications) rev Admissions In UAT
Operation BRA0923 Data Transfer Recruit Header rev Admissions In UAT
Operation BSR2302 Academic Standing report SWRASTD Registrar In UAT
Operation BSR2294 swrdisa disAbility Report - add columns Registrar In UAT
Operation EMR003 Add next qtr student to demo feed Health Svcs In UAT
Operation HR1762 PWPJOBT HR In UAT
Operation HR1809 PWPURPI HR In UAT
Operation HR1816 New Report HR In UAT
Operation HR1894 PWRAEPL HR In UAT
Operation HR2061 Modify existing report HR In UAT
Operation HR2066 Modify existing report nwrappr HR In UAT
Operation HR2080 Modify existing report HR In UAT
Operation HR2084 PWRADT1 HR In UAT
Operation HR2097 pwrnjob HR In UAT
Operation HR2104 Create new process for Initiative I-1433 compliance HR In UAT
Operation HR2106 pwpumin HR In UAT
Operation HR2108 PWRTOPS HR In UAT
Operation WCE031020-00 increase hours limit on ZTI1 log Woodring In UAT
Operation BFR716 RWROOSS Financial Aid In Dev
Operation BSR2208 Canvas Grad Enrollments Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2223 ClassFinder Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2226 PCHEES State Enrollment Reporting Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2263 DATAW s_hist_detail, s_hist_term - New columns Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2265 SWPMEAH - Add IEP and LCP to population selection Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2266 SWRMEAS - Add IEP and LCP to population selection Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2297 Clearinghouse Security Certificate Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2298 Degree Works 5.0.3 Nightly Maintenance Script Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2300 ADVS Upload - SWPADVS Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2301 Orientation Upload - SWPORNT Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2312 Course Evaluation Website Updates Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2315 SWPTRKD - EF Download Mandatory Stds & Initial Create Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2320 Directory Opt-Out - B9SS Directory Opt-Out Page Registrar In Dev
Operation BSR2321 SWCWDRW Registrar In Dev
Operation HR1831 NTRSALA HR In Dev
Operation HR1957 pwrmreg, new report HR In Dev
Operation HR2091 pwrajob HR In Dev
Operation HR2107 New Report HR In Dev
Operation T0520 Modify TWRBILL cashnet.dat file to include term on bill AR In Dev
Operation WCE030620-00 add ALEKS scores to ED_TESTS Data Warehouse Table Woodring In Dev
Operation WCE032520-00 display active primary curriculum Woodring In Dev
Operation WCE032520-01 display Major 2 value if present Woodring In Dev
Operation WCE032520-02 DYCF dates on Clearance tab Woodring In Dev
Operation WCE032520-03 WIS Woodring In Dev


Programming Requests Outstanding

Esign No Request No Description Requesting Department
B9 Project Cosmetic fix on GWICSTA Accounting Services/BFS
B9 Project Cosmetic fix on FWMEELT expense code must be caps. AFRS Code needs to query on the title Accounting Services/BFS
B9 Project FWIFEED not listing all unposted documents Accounting Services/BFS
B9 Project FAABATC Move Print Chuck Button to below the fields Accounting Services/BFS
B9 Project FABCHKR incorrect message showing Accounting Services/BFS
1366484 BAL0657 Change ETL script for AL_CLUB_MEMBERSHIPS_MONTHLY Alumni
1366526 BAL0658 Add fields to AL_ALUMNI_MAJORS Alumni
1366514 BAL0659 Add fields to AL_ALUMNI_BY_FY Alumni
1366777 BAL0660 Add field to AL_DESIGNATIONS Alumni
1375433 BAL0663 new field to Alumni Data Warehouse AL_CONSTITUENT Alumni
1337724 BFR459 Table Change - SETX - Student Employment Tax Notification Financial Aid
1372140 BFR767 CH21 and US 21 issues Financial Aid
1390193 BFR784 RWRUNIT - Update to 2019-20 Flat File Financial Aid
1369322 BRA0935 obsolete Grad App status page Admissions
1291792 BSR2180 Localize Degree Works Advisor Info Registrar
1350253 BSR2268 Fairhaven ISP Module for Web4 Registrar
1388114 BSR2323 Degree Works Additional Cron for Tomcat Restart Registrar
1390446 BSR2326 Degree Works Notes/GPA Calc Tabs Patch Registrar
1386802 F1067 Nolijweb => OnBase migration for JV documents (research) Finance
1373088 HR2075 Modify existing report PWRXCTO HR
1373109 HR2077 New report HR
1373119 HR2078 pwrajob HR
1374346 HR2089 New report HR
1377039 HR2098 pwrtocs HR
1384789 HR2105 pwrelgr HR
1390111 HR2110 pwrelig HR