Western Card


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

September 30, 2022

Project Manager

Dawn Childs

Project Sponsor

Brian Sullivan, Associate VP
Business and Financial Affairs


 The Western Card is the I.D., access, and transaction card for Western Washington University, providing students, staff, and faculty with access to a wide variety of services on and off-campus. The Western Card Office has recently moved to the Student Business Office under Business and Financial Affairs from University Residences.  

Project Timeline

Phase 1 of the project includes implementing three modules for the card production system: TSE Hosted, Instant ID, and eAccounts.  

  • TSE Hosted is the module that houses the data and passes the credential information to and from Banner.  
  • Instant ID is the on-premise module to create and print hard card credentials.
  • eAccounts is the online portal where new and existing credential holders will be able to upload their photos or check account information.

We are on schedule to complete system configuration and begin printing new cards for incoming first-year and transfer students for Fall 2022.  All existing card replacements will start later in Fall 2022.

Phase 2 of the project will include the implementation of the Mobile credential for Apple and Android phones as well as Apple watches.  Planning for this phase has begun.

We have targeted to complete mobile credential implementation in Winter 2023.

Status Summary

Phase 1

  • Students have actively submitted photos via the online photo submission feature
  • The Card Office has successfully printed about 6000 new ID cards, badges, and nametags for incoming new and transfer students and departmental teams.
  • System components are stabilizing
  • New card readers are being installed in locations around the Campus

Phase 2

  • Mobile credential:  We have completed the readiness assessment with the vendor.  The project team will meet with the vendor in October to begin planning.

In Process

Phase 1

  • Integration of data between Banner and WTA continues

Phase 2  

  • Mobile Credential:  The first step to setting up the mobile credential involves branding the mobile app and planning the marketing effort to Campus.

Recently Completed

Phase 1

  • Integration between Transact cloud system and Banner
  • Integration between Banner and Dining Services, and Library 

Phase 2

  • Mobile credential:  readiness assessment completion

What's next

  • Continue to print ID cards for incoming new and transfer students
  • Continue to develop a new integration of data with WTA
  • Mobile Credential:  Marketing and Communications planning.