Self-Service to Replace Web4U – Registration


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

September 1, 2022

Project Manager

Heidi Ling

Project Sponsor

Shelli Soto, Associate VP
Enrollment Management


Phase II of the Banner 9 (B9) project is Banner Self-Service (SS). The Benefits of Banner 9 Self-Service is the Mobile user experience and responsive design. A consolidated and easy-to-use dashboard with Intuitive design for improved navigation. The SS modules are General, Employee, Faculty, Finance, Registration, and Student. B9 SS replaces Web4U. General is already live; the go-live for Registration is 2022. 

Registration is updated with intuitive registration tools and a mobile-friendly design to make it easier than ever for students, advisors, and administrators to use. And it now includes seamless integration with Ellucian Degree Works.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Shelli Soto at x2348 or Project Manager, Heidi Ling at x4220.

Status Summary

Registration is available. However, the core team is introducing Registration in a phased pilot approach while we wait for the completion of Banner Communication Management campaigns. 

In Process

  • Deploy and configure Banner Communication Management.
  • Deploy and configure Action Item Processing.

Recently Completed

  • Deploy Self-Service Registration in the Azure Stack Hub (ASH) - PRODUCTION.
  • Test Registration in ASH.
  • The core team is used pilot feedback to create training materials.
  • Registration deployed in the ASH - TEST.
  • A group of Students registered for Fall and Summer quarter using Banner 9 Registration and Browse Classes.
  • A group of Students registered for Spring quarter using Banner 9 Registration and Browse Classes.
  • Browse Classes training video.
  • Review of Registration baseline functionality against the current Web4U functionality completed in December 2021.
  • Preliminary Registration and landing page set up and configuration completed in January 2022.

What's next

  • Complete outstanding tasks with the Strata Information Group consultant.
  • Determine the future of Western's "TimeTable of Classes".
  • Finalize Registration and landing page configurations.
    • Degree Works plans integrate with Banner Registration "Plan Ahead". This feature will be set up with the consultant to allow students to register directly from saved plans in Degree Works.
    • Banner Communication Management and Action Item Processing.
  • Prepare training and communications.
  • Plan and communicate rollout plan.
  • Move Students from Web4U to Registration winter quarter registration.