Point and Click implementation for Communication Science & Disorders


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

October 6, 2022

Estimated Start Date

July 1, 2022

Project Manager

Deborah Frost, Dawn Childs

Project Sponsor

Doug Sladen



Serve patients using a current, electronic medical records (EMR) system that supports patient and clinician convenience, information security, and faculty supervised student training.   

Project Scope  

Transition the WWU Speech-Language and Hearing Clinics from an outdated, paper-based reporting system to a conventional electronic medical record system that supports practice and clinical management.  The electronic medical record system is the industry standard for health care reporting and is HIPAA compliant.  The EMR will support the needs of a supervised student training program and integrate with Western’s single sign on and multi-factor authentication systems as well as audiometric equipment.  With an eye on the significant change involved in moving from a paper to an electronic system, current processes will be documented and used to guide future processes, end user training will be developed and delivered to address the variety of end user needs, and the communication plan will address the variety of stakeholder needs to smoothly transition to the new system.  

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Doug Sladen or Project Manager Deborah Frost (360-650-7422).

Status Summary

Members of the project team have completed working through the configuration spreadsheet provided by the vendor.  Configuration meetings have been held with the vendor to clarify details on the spreadsheet and explore questions about functionality and workflow options.  The project team work groups have held their initial meetings and begun orientation to the project and their purpose.

In Process

  • BPA - final sign off on current process diagrams
  • Practice management configuration
  • Add patient portal to contract
  • Schedule December training dates
  • iPad purchase

Recently Completed

  • SSO configuration
  • Confirmed January training dates

What's next

  • Access to system for project team