PMO - Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Concur Travel 

Implement SAP Concur Request and Expense to replace Western’s current Travel and Expense Management System, TEM. Go-Live: December 2019 

Continuing Education in Banner 

Integrate non-credit, continuing education (CE) students and their curriculum into Banner Student Information System. The addition of CE to the Banner SIS improves the facilitation of our student learning and the development of all students while cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community. Go-Live: September 2019 

COVID Attestations 

Enterprise Application Services and the Student Health Center implemented student, employee, and visitor COVID-19 attestation solutions and reporting. Go-Live: September 2020 

Effort Certification Banner 9 Self-Service 

Replace Banner 8 Self-Service Effort Certification with Banner 9 Self-Service Effort Certification. Go-Live: October 2020 

Electronic Medical Records 

Implement replacement electronic medical records system for the Student Health Center.  Go-Live: December 2019

General Banner 9 Self-Service 

Replace Banner 8 Self-Service Personal (Web4U) with Banner 9 Self-Service General. Go-Live: 2019 

myWestern Replacement

The project team conducted a thorough assessment through face-to-face meetings, surveys, and analysis of Google analytics to determine what Western was actually using from the old myWestern, and what was needed in the replacement. All types of campus stakeholders were consulted – students, faculty, and staff. Go-Live: October 2019

New Admit Student Account

Provided a WWU account for newly admitted students so that they can access WWU resources related to their admission and onboarding experience (ex. Financial Aid, Housing).  Also including a scheduled purge of student accounts that are no longer eligible.  Go-Live: April 2020

New Student Services in Slate 

New Student Services Fall Orientation and Advising reservation technology switch from the ‘Countdown to Western’ and related reservation webpages to Admission’s Customer Relationship Management Platform, Slate. Go-Live: July 2020 

PCard Transition 

Management of PCard Operations transitioned from Procurement to Treasury Services.  Project Management Office provided assistance with communication with Campus Stakeholders, best practices and documentation.  Go-Live: December 2019 

Western ID Card Transition 

Western ID Card Office Operations and Management transitioned from University Residences to Student Business Office.  Project Management Office provided assistance communicating with Campus Stakeholders, best practices, and move logistics. Go-Live: September 2020


Completed BPA - Business Process Analysis

Human Resources PageUp and Banner Information System BPA

Identify improvement opportunities throughout the employee account creation, audit and maintenance processes, specifically related to the additional amount of time needed from HRIS personnel to process the records from PageUp and Banner Integration. Completed: April 2019 

Institutional Scholarship Processing BPA

Review and analyze current institutional scholarship processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement and efficiency for institutional scholarship processing. Completed: August 2019 

Reporting Business Intelligence BPA

Completed: June 2019

Student Employment Center BPA 

Identify what tools exist at Western that will provide long term stability for the SEC. Specifically eliminating the need for the current Microsoft Access database and storing documents on the P drive. Completed: September 2019 

Telecom Capital Project BPA 

Review and analyze current Telecom Work Control processes and procedures to identify areas for improvement and efficiency for public works projects, remodels, and new construction. Completed: September 2019 

University Residences StarRez System BPA

Review and make recommendations concerning the substantial amount of time involved in implementing StarRez Student Housing Solution. Completed: April 2020