Personnel and Department Directory Modernization


Project Status


Last Reported

May 4, 2022

Project Manager

Deborah Frost

Project Sponsor

Max Bronsema, WebTech


The directory API sets a framework in place for allowing greater integration with the information than in the current format. It removes the existing department directory and personnel directory from production and allows that same information from Banner to be exposed in a wide variety of formats, such as the heavily favored index format and in a consistent template that is centrally maintained.  The project will present the personnel and department directory in alignment with the WWU brand guidelines.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Max Bronsema or Project Manager Deborah Frost (360-650-7422).

Status Summary

The department directory went live 1/19/2022 and the personnel directory went live 3/30/2022.  Both directories have moved to operational support.

Recently Completed

  • Project team completed RACI matrix for supporting the department directory and personnel directory.
  • Project team updated the remaining task list and completed their reflection about the project.

What's next

  • Approve project close out document.