PBX Decommissioning Project


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

July 1, 2022

Project Manager

Deborah Frost

Project Sponsor

Chuck Lanham


To migrate the university off of the PBX, this project will transition campus employees and departments from their current phone service to Microsoft Teams and transition phone devices not associated with an individual or department and that cannot natively support Teams to an appropriate alternative solution.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Chris Miller or Project Manager Deborah Frost (360-650-7422).

Status Summary

Project deliverables completed to date:

  • Identify campus communication work groups
  • Cost comparison reference for department planning purposes
  • Infrastructure configured to support Microsoft Teams at scale
  • Teams calling pilot group implemented
  • Obtain approval and funding of solutions not funded by departments
  • End-user training documentation and video created
  • In-person training classes for end-users completed
  • Documentation of user advocacy and on-going support model roles, responsibilities, and resources
  • All campus departments use Microsoft Teams
  • Inventory of current legacy services
  • Recommendation for legacy device compatible solutions

In Process

  • PoE port feasibility assessment for emergency phones (by building).
  • Implement emergency phones after approval received (by building).
  • Configuration with Lumen to support dynamic and static location information to support 911
  • University Police dispatch technical option exploration continues.

Recently Completed

  • Approvals received for building emergency phones:  PH, HU, AH, CM
  • Resolved location information in Teams
  • Configured analog gateway with optional solution to support elevator phones and fire alarms
  • Met with vendors to provide emergency dispatch phone solution 
  • Debut of revised Teams call queue setup that addresses calling from queue and management of queue membership

What's next

  • Recommendation for University Police dispatch solution
  • Decide on mechanical room emergency phone locations
  • Test elevator phones using optional solution with analog gateway