ESM & Ethos Integration


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

August 4, 2022

Project Manager

Deborah Frost

Project Sponsor

Pete Heilgeist, Business Services


Configure Ethos to communicate with ESM Marketplace and roll out the new ESM modules for Source and Supplier Management.  The project includes analysis and re-design of existing workflows and process improvement, as well as a re-launch and training of Marketplace for campus users.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Project Manager Deborah Frost (360-650-7422).

Status Summary

Project deliverables completed to date:

  1. Procure ESM Supplier Management and Source
  2. Configure ESM Source
  3. Map and analyze existing workflows
  4. Configure SSO

In Process

  • Source work group is working through the list of needed reports.
  • Functional testing of Supplier Management using Ethos
  • Review of go live timeline and sequencing of modules (Supplier Management and Purchase)

What's next

Decision on the timeline and sequence of module implementation (Supplier Management and Purchase)

Discussion with peers to learn about their Supplier Management implementation