Cloud and Datacenter Migration Project


Project Status

 On Target

Last Reported

August 4, 2022

Project Manager

Deborah Frost

Project Sponsor

Chuck Lanham


Evaluate, procure, and configure the replacement hardware, software, and services necessary to migrate the datacenter to new, cloud-first technology.  Migrate server workloads to the new solutions.

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to contact Chuck Lanham, Chris Miller, or Project Manager Deborah Frost (360-650-7422).

Status Summary

Project deliverables completed to date:

  • Catalog and index all existing server workloads and their associated owners
  • Build a categorization rubric to align service goals with efficient platforms
  • Initiate a communication strategy to help divisions understand the opportunities provided by the platform change
  • Operational Azure Stack Hub
  • Running Azure Kubernetes Services for selected EAS server workload

In Process

  • EAS migration of projection workloads to Azure Stack Hub
  • Purchase of online migration tool
  • Server workload migrations to Azure HCI

Recently Completed

  • Decision on vendor for online migration tool
  • EIS engineer familiarization with online migration tool
  • EIS engineer ASH training
  • Information sessions for server workload owners

What's next

  • Azure HCI expansion purchase